Fri, July 01, 2022


Chadchart warns rules still apply as vendors back on Bangkok pavements

Bangkok governor-elect Chadchart Sittipunt has instructed the city’s law enforcers to “remain strict” with street vendors until he assumes his post and decides whether to relax the rules.

He was speaking on Saturday after many vendors returned to Bangkok’s pavements following his landslide victory in the May 22 gubernatorial election.

Chadchart is viewed as more sympathetic to roadside selling than his predecessors, having campaigned on a pledge to “provide places for street vendors in a way that does not obstruct sidewalks”.

The governor-elect inspected Tha Phra intersection in the city’s Bangkok Yai district on Saturday, where he met with residents to hear their complaints.

“This morning I learned that street vendors have returned to many areas. I would like to ask the tessakit [municipal law enforcement] to be as strict as before on this matter. There’s a power vacuum now as I have yet to assume my post,” Chadchart said.

He was directing his instruction at the City Law Enforcement Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

Chadchart said his administration would determine areas where roadside vending will be permitted, but until then the law should be enforced as before.

“Vendors should wait to see if there will be changes in the regulations and implementation methods," he added.

Chadchart warns rules still apply as vendors back on Bangkok pavements

Chadchart previously inspected the intersection on Tuesday, when he pointed to uneven pavements and obstructive steel plates from construction work on infrastructure projects.

Both issues had been resolved by the time he returned on Saturday. Chadchart thanked the contractors and relevant authorities for “solving the problems for the people”.

He also stressed that all 14 construction projects under the BMA must follow suit, adding that contractors should inspect construction areas for any problems.

After his election win last Sunday, Chadchart has spent the past week inspecting city areas to witness problems first-hand, including garbage collection, homelessness, damage to roads and sidewalks, and clogged canals.

Published : May 28, 2022