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SATURDAY, December 02, 2023

Thailand lifts facemask mandate for outdoors

Thailand lifts facemask mandate for outdoors
FRIDAY, June 24, 2022

Wearing a facemask outdoors is no longer mandatory as the Covid-19 situation in Thailand is improving, an order signed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said. Other Covid-19 restrictions have also been eased.

An announcement published on the Royal Gazette website on Thursday said the following measures have either been lifted or eased effective immediately:

• All 77 provinces are classified as green or surveillance zones, while the tourism pilot area (blue zone) is cancelled.

• Wearing a facemask outdoors is voluntary except in crowded areas and areas with poor ventilation. People at high risk are also advised to wear a mask.

• Migrant workers can travel between provinces in line with applicable laws and regulations.

• The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will declare new regulations on shooting films/TV series in line with the easing of disease-control measures.

• Restaurants, pubs, bars, karaoke joints and similar entertainment venues are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages while ensuring all prevention measures are in place.

• Public gatherings are allowed, but gatherings of more than 2,000 people must be registered with the relevant communicable disease committee, which will set up measures to prevent the sparking of cluster cases.

The order has also instructed the Public Health Ministry to coordinate with related agencies to boost public awareness on staying safe from Covid-19 as the country transitions into a post-pandemic era, as well as draw up a risk management plan in case a new outbreak occurs.

Thailand lifts facemask mandate for outdoors Thailand lifts facemask mandate for outdoors