Mon, June 27, 2022


BMA approves seven areas for public protests

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has approved seven public areas for demonstrations.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt signed the notification on Thursday.

According to the notification, the seven public areas are:

  1. Lan Khon Muang, Phra Nakhon district
  2. Bangkok Youth Center (Thai - Japanese), Din Daeng
  3. The public area under Ratchawipha Interchange, Chatuchak
  4. Parking lot in front of Phra Khanong District Office
  5. 72nd Anniversary Stadium, Minburi
  6. Chaloem Phrakiat Sport Training Centre, Thung Khru
  7. Monton Pirom Park, Taling Chan

The notification also sets six conditions for protesters to follow when using the areas:

1. The organiser of the protest in these areas must inform and submit related documents to the district office at least 24 hours before the protest for the district officials to acknowledge and make preparations.

2. The organiser could inform the district office directly, send a fax or send an e-mail in the proper format.

In the case of fax and email, the protest manager should contact the district office immediately to check the correctness of the documents. The district office might request the protest manager to submit the original document in the period as they see fit.

3. If the organiser cannot inform the district office within the time period, the organiser should submit documents to the district office as soon as possible before the protest for the district office to facilitate the protest.

4. The protest organiser and protesters must protect government property as they will be responsible for any damage.

5. Protesters must follow the Public Assembly Act 2015 and also other regulations strictly.

6. If the district office or government officials find the protesters violating the regulations, they are allowed to take legal action against the protesters.

Published : June 24, 2022