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SUNDAY, February 05, 2023
Diversity drives discovery, says Amazon’s space solutions chief

Diversity drives discovery, says Amazon’s space solutions chief

SATURDAY, June 25, 2022

Women can flourish in the male-dominated world of science and technology if they have the expertise and capability, said chief of Amazon’s Space and Satellite Solutions at the Global Summit of Women 2022. 

One of the most interesting speakers at the Global Summit of Women 2022 was Mani Thiru, chief of Space and Satellite Solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

A big part of Thiru’s role is to understand the space ecosystem and connect expertise in different countries to help governments or companies launch satellites or go on space-exploration ventures.

Space science and technology have come a long way since the first man went into space in 1961. Yet, though the industry is rapidly growing, the number of women employed is still only about 20 per cent, the same as some 50 years ago, figures released by the UN show. 

However, with the space industry rapidly transforming, more women are entering the field, proving that they are just as capable as men when it comes to exploring new frontiers. 

Thiru said in her career, she realised that gender disparity is rife in the industry but added that her experience also proved that success comes from capability and expertise.

“If you are really good at what you do, no one can close the door on you,” she said. 

Her advice for women who want to move ahead in their careers is that they should never be afraid to have their voices heard and put themselves forward. 

Thiru said more women are needed in the field of science because more inventions are needed. She said diversity, whether it is age, gender or ethnicity, is what drives discovery forward because everyone sees things differently.