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SUNDAY, October 01, 2023

Chicken meat retail price fixed at Bt60-75 per kg

Chicken meat retail price fixed at Bt60-75 per kg
TUESDAY, January 18, 2022

Thailand’s three major superstores on Tuesday agreed to cooperate with the government in fixing the retail prices of chicken meat in a move to control the rising cost of living.

The Internal Trade Department and the Commerce Ministry sought cooperation from Big C, Makro and Lotus’s to sell chicken meat at prices agreed upon by several groups.

The ministry has sought cooperation from the association of chicken farmers, the Thai Broiler Processing Processing Exporters Association, the association for promoting chicken farming, major chicken farms, and the association of fresh market operators to help keep the lid on prices.

All the concerned groups agreed to have fixed-price chicken meat available at the three superstores so that consumers would have alternative sources of lower-priced chicken meat.

Chicken meat retail price fixed at Bt60-75 per kg On Tuesday, the three superstores were selling fresh chicken meat at:

- Bt60-65 per kg for chicken meat, excluding offals

- Bt60-65 per kg for chicken thighs

- Bt65-70 per kg for chicken drumsticks

- Bt70-75 per kg for chicken chest.

The Internal Trade Department urged public members to call hotline 1569 to report if they find any shop selling food or other consumer goods at unreasonably high prices or were engaged in hoarding goods to raise prices. Violators face a maximum fine of Bt140,000 and/or a maximum jail term of seven years.