Most Thais fear monkeypox, fewer than half think govt in control: poll


Most Thais are worried about monkeypox while fewer than half think the government can handle the situation, according to a new survey.

The survey was carried out by Suan Dusit University among 1,095 respondents from around the country from August 5 to 11.

Asked if they were worried about monkeypox in Thailand:

– 54.34 per cent said fairly worried

– 14.16 per cent said very worried

– 27.21 per cent said not really worried

– 4.29 per cent said not worried at all.

Asked whether they thought the government could handle the monkeypox outbreak:

– 46.58 per cent said yes

– 29.22 per cent said no

– 24.20 per cent said they were uncertain.

Meanwhile, 66.76 per cent of respondents said they had some knowledge and understanding of the virus, 24.29 per cent said they had some understanding, 5.30 per cent said they had good understanding, and 3.65 per cent said they had no knowledge.

Asked whether they were more worried about Covid-19 or monkeypox, 41.19 per cent said they were equally worried about the two diseases, 29.32 per cent were more worried about monkeypox, 24.38 per cent were more worried about Covid-19, and 5.11 per cent said they were not worried about either.

Asked what the government should do to control monkeypox, 81.55 per cent said accurate and regular updates about the disease, 60.82 per cent wanted guidelines on protecting themselves, and 59.36 per cent said the government must disclose complete and true information about the spread. Respondents could give more than one answer to this question.