Mother wants hospital in Pathum Thani to take responsibility for death of baby


A mother has asked a public hospital in Pathum Thani to take responsibility for the death of her baby, believing that the boy died when she was in labour during the "extraction" process.

Facebook page Sai Mai Tong Rod (Sai Mai District Must Survive) posted on Tuesday that the mother went to the unnamed public hospital after she could not afford treatment charges by a private hospital, which she had been visiting for prenatal care.

The mother said she tried her hardest to give birth naturally, but some nurses at the unnamed hospital “spoke badly of her, saying she did not use her full power”.

She then told them she wanted a caesarean section as she had already tried her best to give birth naturally, but the hospital allegedly replied that it was unnecessary.

After three hours, a doctor via video call decided to use vacuum extraction instead of a caesarean section.

According to the page, nurses as well as practical nurses performed the operation via the video call by the doctor who was not physically present. During the extraction, the baby allegedly choked on amniotic fluid and was left unconscious.

Mother wants hospital in Pathum Thani to take responsibility for death of baby

The baby was rushed to Pathum Thani Hospital but after two weeks this hospital informed the parents that it could not save their baby.

The mother told Nation Online that she could not accept what had happened as this was her first child.

She blamed the unnamed hospital that conducted the extraction, claiming her child died during the process, not after.

She added that no executive or doctor from this hospital had come forward to take responsibility or conduct an investigation. Only the head nurse apologised and attended the funeral.

The heartbroken mother said she wanted the hospital to take responsibility and compensate her. She hoped her case would be the last.

“He was my first child and I really tried my hardest to give birth naturally, so I want the hospital to tell me what they plan to do now,” she said.

“I was pregnant for nine months, but I have been robbed of the chance to raise him. During the labour process, there were only 5-6 nurses and practical nurses but there was no doctor,” she claimed.