Wed, December 01, 2021


KNU calls for urgent plenary meeting to break political stalemate

The Karen National Union (KNU) issued a statement on January 29 calling for an urgent plenary meeting inclusive of all groups of delegates so as to break the ongoing political deadlock and forge national reconciliation.

 The statement stresses the need for all stakeholders to totally avoid any negative way of problem solving at a time when Myanmar is marching towards the emergence of a union with peaceful coexistence and a peaceful and prosperous State. The political crisis needs to be resolved through peaceful coordination and negotiation in view of public and national interests.   

As it is natural and normal to demand the result of every election and justice, relevant organizations are hereby urged to resolve the controversies surrounding the November election based on transparency, accountability and wisdom. The main thing is to ensure mutual respect without harming the essence of democracy, the KNU statement says.

The KNU points out that Myanmar is facing not only conventional challenges such as minor political problems and political crisis but also other contentious issues such as autonomy and equality being demanded by diverse ethnic minorities.   

The statement then ultimately stresses the need to call an urgent plenary session inclusive of all stakeholders who pay attention to democratic norms and the emergence of a democratic union by overcoming a tug of power.

Published : January 31, 2021

By : Eleven Media