Wed, December 01, 2021


China strengthens penalties for false-litigation crimes

BEIJING -- China's law-enforcement and related authorities have vowed crack down on false-litigation, with a view to upholding judicial justice and authority while promoting social ethics.

The nation's top court, the top procuratorate, and the ministries of public security and justice released a set of guidelines Wednesday on further strengthening punishments in criminal cases of false litigation.

The crime of false litigation refers to concocting civil disputes based on fake evidence and fabricated facts and initiating civil litigation in the people's courts, leading to disruption of the justicial order or serious infringement of others' legitimate rights and interests.

The guidelines provide a list of civil cases prone to false litigation crimes, including disputes over private lending, property and contracts, and require people's courts and procuratorates to pay special attention to such cases.

The document also clarifies the punishments that judicial personnel and lawyers should face for taking part in false litigation.

Published : March 11, 2021

By : China Daily/ANN