Tue, November 30, 2021


Some private banks re-run for some services, Yangon ATMs being crowded

Some private banks are providing some banking services with a lot of people withdrawing cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) in Yangon city.

After announcing that customers need to register first for their cash withdrawal, private banks reopened some of their branches on April 20.  

Yoma Bank opened some branches on April 20 announcing that customers will be informed daily about reopening of its branches, but they are requested to inform prior to their cash withdrawal.  

CB Bank is also adopting a token system to prevent delays in cash withdrawal. The bank says token issuance time and number of tokens can be browsed on its Facebook page for respective branches.

Moreover, the ATMs of some private banks in Yangon city are crowded on April 20. Among them, those of KBZ Bank, AYA Bank, CB Bank and Yoma Bank are most crowded.

KBZ Bank announced on March 30 that a customer will be able to withdraw a maximum of Ks200,000 per day from its ATMs.

For customers of Yoma Bank, they will be allowed to withdraw a maximum of Ks300,000 per day. Only one ATM card can be used for withdrawing one time. On April 20, the bank also called for a systematic queue for ATM cash withdrawal.

CB Bank announced that it was trying to insert as much money as possible into its machines for the convenience of customers. Moreover, CRMs (cash recycling machines) are being arranged for its customers to make both deposits and withdrawals.  

Published : April 21, 2021

By : Eleven Media/ANN