Sat, November 27, 2021


Tokyo emergency closure to target all retailers under state of emergency

The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to implement stricter discretionary measures by requesting not only large facilities but also small and midsize establishments to temporarily close under the state of emergency.

The stricter measures reflect the metropolitan government’s intent to stave off another wave of infections.

Under the special measures law against new strains of influenza, the metropolitan government will request restaurants and other establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to close once the state of emergency goes into effect.

Although commercial facilities with a combined floor space of 1,000 square meters or less will not be mandated to close under the law, the metropolitan government is expected to urge cooperation and offer “support money” payouts to businesses that fully comply.

As for other measures against the coronavirus, the metropolitan government will call on trade associations to turn off neon signs and store lights in shopping areas after 8 p.m., although the streetlights themselves will be left on.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has decided that classes at public high schools and other schools will be conducted entirely online on school days during the state of emergency.

At an emergency press conference on Friday night, Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike pointed to the first state of emergency from April to May last year, during which the number of new infections in the capital dropped to two cases per day.

“We’re now in a critical situation. I implore everyone to stay home during this 17-day period, to ensure that we thoroughly curb the flow of people.”


But at another press conference held earlier on Friday afternoon, Koike stopped short of addressing the timeline for a potential lifting or extension of the new state of emergency, saying: “That’s a decision for the central government to make. Once a decision has been made, our job is to do all we can to see that it’s followed through.”

Published : April 25, 2021

By : The Japan News / ANN