Sat, October 16, 2021


[Myanmar] Basic food prices increase up to 15 percent

Prices of some basic foodstuffs have increased by 10 percent to 15 percent, according to local foodstuff entrepreneurs and fish and meat wholesalers.

The major foodstuffs seeing a sharp increase in price are rice, cooking oil, meat, vegetables and medicines.   

Increasing prices have started since February 1, and they are showing no signs of decreasing again, said sellers and buyers alike. 

“When I went to the market to buy cooking oil as a reserve, I learnt that a 1.8-liter bottle of vegetable oil has increased from Ks3,500 to Ks4,500. The price remains so now,” said a resident in South Dagon Township, Yangon Region.  

Normal rice prices remain stable but the price of Pawhsan Taungpyan rice with better quality has increased from over Ks40,000 to around Ks50,000 per bag containing 24 pyis. Meanwhile, the price of Pyapon Pawhsanhmway has increased to Ks40,500 or K48,000. Prices of quality rice have increased by 10 percent to 15 percent.  

“Prices are different at different shops. Prices of all quality rice are increasing,” said Cho Cho Thin, a rice dealer in Thingangyun Township. 

 The price of a 1.8-litre bottle of Mazin brand vegetable oil has increased from Ks3,500 to Ks4,500 or 4,600. In the meantime, the price of one container of groundnut oil (10 viss) has increased from Ks60,000 to Ks65,000 or Ks70,000, according to oil dealers. 

The price of farm chicken has increased from Ks5,000 to around Ks6,000 per viss and that of traditional Bamar chicken from Ks7,000 to Ks10,000. Pork price has increased to Ks12,000 per viss up from Ks8,500. 

Vegetable prices have also increased double while some consumer goods prices such as drugs are seeing an increase as well.   

Published : May 19, 2021

By : Nyein Nyein Thu and Theingi Win Tun/Eleven Media/ANN