Mon, October 25, 2021


Nearly one-third of new Covid-19 cases in Asean reported in Malaysia

The number of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Southeast Asia on Monday saw a slight increase over the previous day, as per collated data.

Asean reported 20,931 new cases on Monday, slightly higher than Sunday’s 19,462, while 262 people died, up from the previous day’s 237.

Total cases in the region since the outbreak rose to 3.85 million, while deaths are now at 76,029.

Malaysia reported 6,509 infections, nearly one-third of total cases in the region, and a record single-day death toll of 61. Cumulative cases in the country rose to 518,600 and 2,309 patients have died.

The Malaysian Ministry of Labour has ordered construction sites to reduce labourers to not more than 60 per cent, while local authorities have been told to adjust working hours depending on the outbreak situation.

Cambodia reported 556 new cases and three deaths on Monday, as cumulative cases in the country increased to 25,761 patients and 179 deaths. So far, 18,359 people have been cured and discharged.

The governor of Phnom Penh said he was considering bringing back curfew measures if the number of infections continued to rise and people still ignored disease control measures.

Published : May 25, 2021