Sat, November 27, 2021


Over 50 COVID-19 patients died in a single day in Mandalay

More than 50 patients died on July 14 alone in Mandalay and up to 315 people are died from July 1 to 14 in Mandalay, according to charities.

Over 20 patients from the hospitals in Mandalay are died on July 14 and the rest of the patients expired on July 14 are died in homes, sources said.

“About 60 patients are died yesterday. Our organizations and other affiliated organizations sent about 30 bodies to the cemeteries. We sent about 20 bodies per day to the cemeteries in recent days,” said a person working at a charity in Mandalay.

According to figures from the charities, number of people died of COVID-19 or people assumed to be died of COVID-19 suspected cases are five on July 1, five on July 2, 11 on July 3, 12 on July 4, 6 on July 5, 13 on July 6, 14 on July 7, 29 on July 8, 26 on July 9, 24 on July 10, 39 on July 11, 28 on July 12, 46 on July 13 and 52 on July 14.

Charities are now transporting bodies from mortuaries in hospitals and from the neighborhoods, and they have to carry the bodies in the bags. It made them cost a lot and volunteers are also in need of protective gears from the COVID-19 virus.

At the present, there are full of COVID-19 patients in the hospitals in Mandalay and the charities are facing difficulty to obtain oxygen as the COVID-19 patients in their homes are needed supplemental oxygen.

According to the figures from the Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS), Mandalay Region found over 300 confirmed patients within 24 hours in recent days and number of death tolls is 12 on July 10, 14 on July 11, five on July 12 and 15 on July 13.

Published : July 17, 2021

By : Le Le Aung/Eleven Media/ANN