Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Fewer new Covid-19 cases and deaths in Asean

Southeast Asia reported lower number of new Covid-19 cases and deaths on Thursday, collated data showed.



There were 95,460 new cases on Thursday, lower than Wednesday’s 97,857, while 2,659 patients died, down from Wednesday’s 2,723.

The number of Covid-19 cases crossed 8.4 million in the region and deaths rose to 181,005.

Vietnam reported 9,667 new cases and 326 deaths on Thursday, bringing cumulative cases in the country to 246,568 patients and 4,813 deaths.

Vietnamese police arrested the owner of a printing business in a northern province for allegedly selling fake negative Covid-19 test results via RT-PCR method. He reportedly admitted to selling more than 150 fake documents after the government restricted domestic travel since late April and required all travellers to present a negative test result to the authorities of each province.

Cambodia reported 455 new cases and 20 deaths, bringing cumulative cases in the country to 83,839 and 1,634 deaths. All hospitals in Cambodia have started giving a third jab of the Covid-19 vaccine for frontline medics as a booster shot to increase immunity against the virus. Those who received the first and second jabs as Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccine will get a third jab of AstraZeneca. Those who received AstraZeneca as the first and second jabs will get Sinovac as a booster shot. The government is also planning to give the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which it received as a donation from the US, to people in remote areas because it requires only one dose per person.

Published : August 13, 2021