Thursday, September 16, 2021


Coronavirus subcommittee urges halving Tokyo crowds

Measures should be strengthened over the next two weeks to reduce the number of people moving around in Tokyo to half the level seen in the first two weeks of July, a government subcommittee has recommended.

A subcommittee on measures to fight the novel coronavirus compiled a draft proposal Thursday aimed at curbing infections in six prefectures where a state of emergency has been declared, including Tokyo and Osaka.

The draft expressed strong concern that despite the declaration of a state of emergency, the number of people coming into contact with each other has not decreased and the medical system has become strained, leading to a situation where lives may be lost that could have been saved.

With regard to the medical system, the draft urged the government and prefectural authorities to recognize the importance of “disaster medical care” and gather necessary medical personnel from all over the country. The number of overnight care facilities with enhanced medical functions must be urgently increased, the draft said, to secure a system for monitoring the health of people recuperating at home.

In the event of an emergency call from an infected person at night, emergency transport services would contact the prefectural government and proceed with the transport, even without a decision from a public health center.

As a concrete measure to reduce the number of people moving around in Tokyo, the committee called for strong restrictions on people going to shopping malls and the food halls on the basement floor of department stores, in response to an outbreak of clusters in department stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

In contrast, the committee said that concert halls, theaters, movie theaters, parks, libraries and museums, where the audience does not speak, can be used after thorough countermeasures are taken against infection.

Published : August 13, 2021

By : The Japan News/ANN