Fri, December 03, 2021


Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ‘Head of State is entitled to participate in the ASEAN Summit, according to ASEAN Charter’

Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release on October 22 that in accordance with Article 5 of the ASEAN Charter having equal rights and obligations and as per Article 7 (1), “the Head of State or Government of Myanmar is entitled to participate in the ASEAN Summits.”

On the question of the status of representation, “Head of State or Government of Myanmar enjoys equal and full rights to participate in ASEAN Summits,” the press release says.

“Myanmar will endeavor to find a peaceful solution based on ASEAN Spirit and ASEAN Way through consultation and negotiation. ASEAN member states should respect the unity and centrality of ASEAN aiming for long-term interest in accordance with provisions of ASEAN Charter.

Taking into all accounts, Myanmar will not be in a position to accept any outcome of the discussions and decisions which are ultra vires and contrary to the provisions, objectives and cherished principles of the ASEAN Charter,” the press release adds.

The Emergency ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was held on 15 October in which a decision was made to invite only a “non-political representative” from Myanmar to the ASEAN Summit.

The next summit is set to take place October 26 to 28, but it is still not clear who, if anybody, will represent Myanmar at the summit.

Published : October 24, 2021

By : Eleven Media