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The 3D experience in your living room

Feb 21. 2014
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By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
The Nati

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Cable provider TrueVisions sends blockbusters leaping off the small screen
If you have a 3D TV and subscribe to a TrueVisions package, you can now enjoy spectacular blockbuster 3D movies on a new TrueVisions channel.
TrueVisions recently launched its “3D for Family” campaign, under which it is airing blockbusters in 3D format on its True Film HD Channel or Channel 112.
Be warned though: the channel does not broadcast 3D movies around the clock, so you’ll need to consult the cable provider’s programme guide to find out when each 3D movie will have its premiere or is being shown again. The films are broadcast with both Thai-language dubbing and soundtrack as well as in 5.1-channel Dolby Digital Plus.
A 3D movie presents two overlapping pictures for each frame so you will need a TV set that supports the 3D display as well as special glasses that filter different picture to a different eye. Your brain does the rest of the work, piecing together a 3D picture with clear dimension and depth. Watching films this way isn’t for everyone though: some viewers complain of severe headaches after 30 minutes or so of airplay.
Sueksith Cholasuek, director of marketing for TrueVisions Group, says the company has spent some Bt30 million to buy more than 10 blockbusters in 3D format to broadcast. 
“TrueVisions is pleased to invest to create content and new technologies to serve to our valued high-tier package customers” he notes.
I tested the TrueVisions’ 3D broadcast on a LG 55LA7400 3D Cinema smart TV and watched “Shrek Forever After”.
The move was broadcast in Side-by-Side (SBS), meaning that a TV without the 3D function will display the movie in two panels, left and right. Each frame is shown on the left and right panel on a normal TV. The LA7400 TV supports the SBS 3D movie. I pressed the 3D button and selected the SBS format, and the TV overlapped the two left-and-light frames into one, filling the screen. When I wore the 3D glasses that came with the TV, I was impressed at the movie’s quality.
The movie had stunning depth and clarity, which improved even further when I turned on the Vivid mode. 
In some scenes, I could see objects flying out of the screen and aiming straight for my face while in others, Shrek and his pals looked as though they were joining me on the couch.
I was mesmerised from the start but quickly had to duck as the horse-drawn carriage of the King and Queen of the Far Away Land flew out of the screen. And when Shrek startled a group of men drinking, they choked and spurted out the water into my face. An immersive experience!
If you want to buy a 3D TV to enjoy 3D broadcast from TrueVisions, you should shop at Power Buy, Home Pro or Tesco Lotus and Power Mall to be eligible for free installation of TrueVisions TV package. It comes with a two-month grace period and a Bt1,000 deposit. 
If you already have a 3D big screen TV, you can also enjoy TrueVisions 3D and 50 HD channels by subscribing at any True Shop or TrueVisions agent and you’ll be eligible for the February promotion. 
This offers a free installation of an extra outlet and 12-months complimentary viewing on the extra outlet when you choose the annual payment method.
Duck behind the sofa!
What you require:
_ 3D TV and 3D glasses
_ TrueVisions’ Platinum HD, Gold HD, Super Family or Super Knowledge package
_ The 3D movie programme for March:
_ March 3, 8pm: “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”: 
_ March 10, 8pm: “Legend of the Guardians: The Owl’s of Ga’Hoole”
_ March 17, 8pm: “Shrek Forever After”
_ March 24, 8pm: “Yogi Bear”
_ March 31: “Clash of the Titans”

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