Mon, August 15, 2022


An easy fix for the crisis in policing

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The population size of the UK and Thailand is virtually the same. However, there are twice as many police in Thailand.

The police in Thailand are often accused of not doing their job properly or worse. But if you don’t pay a decent wage you won’t get a decent job done, especially in a potentially stressful job like policing. The solution? Halve the police force in Thailand to the size of the UK police and double their pay. Drunk drivers should be heavily fined and be banned for a year, as is the case in most European countries. If the fine can’t be paid, or they are caught again while banned, confiscate their vehicle. I read recently of a person who has 150-plus unpaid traffic tickets. It beggars belief that his bike hasn’t been taken away a long time ago. I would suggest confiscation after the first non-payment (as in the UK). If after a month period, the fines are not paid, including storage charges, then auction the bike off. 
This all seems harsh, but is common practice elsewhere, including the seizure and/or disposal of a vehicle. If the police followed this to the letter with all road offences, it wouldn’t take long for the message to get through. The result would be a drop in the dreadful death rate statistics.

Published : March 31, 2019