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SATURDAY, January 28, 2023
‘No all-access tickets for Man U-Liverpool sold to vendor Pimrypie’

‘No all-access tickets for Man U-Liverpool sold to vendor Pimrypie’

FRIDAY, June 24, 2022

Organiser Fresh Air Festival denied selling “all-access” tickets for the Manchester United-Liverpool match in Bangkok to celebrity online vendor Pimrypie on Friday.

The company issued the Facebook clarification after Pimrypie claimed she had sold a large number of tickets that could grant holders entry to team training sessions and a concert rehearsal for the July 12 match.

Fresh Air Festival previously denied the tickets would grant holders access to the concert rehearsal or a private banquet with K-pop star Jackson Wang and the players.

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CEO Vinij Lertratanachai later said that his company sold Pimrypie regularly priced tickets that granted no extra benefits.

‘No all-access tickets for Man U-Liverpool sold to vendor Pimrypie’

He said she was free to decide what to do with the tickets, explaining that they were originally allocated to both teams to sell to foreign fans, but were returned and issued through Thaiticketmajor.

Vinij confirmed that tickets for the players' training session and concert rehearsal existed, but said they were not for public sale. These tickets had been given to sponsors or people who bought match tickets in bulk, he said.

However, no tickets existed for the private banquet for Wang and the players, as only sponsors were invited. He said he did not know why Pimrypie had advertised tickets to the banquet.

Meanwhile, netizens asked why the celebrity vendor was able to buy such a large number of tickets when members of the public were limited to four tickets per person.

He explained this rule was put in place to ensure widespread distribution of tickets.

However, Pimrypie bought tickets in the quota originally allocated for foreign fans, so the rule did not apply.