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MONDAY, December 11, 2023

Health foundation members sign pioneering Bangkok Declaration agreement

Health foundation members sign pioneering Bangkok Declaration agreement
MONDAY, November 13, 2023

The members of the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations (INHPF), including the Thailand Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), have signed a pioneering agreement, committing to promoting equal well-being for all as well as urging other relevant bodies worldwide to join such an effort.

The agreement was signed during the 20th International Network of Health Promotion Foundations (INHPF) meeting held in Bangkok from November 7 to 10.

The INHPF Declaration to Advance Health Promotion towards Equitable Well-being, also known as “INHPF Bangkok Declaration”, says that access to health is considered a fundamental human right that is crucial for both social and economic development.

Health promotion plays a vital role in health development by empowering individuals to enhance their control over and improve their overall well-being, says the declaration.

“We, the members and partners of the INHPF, reaffirm that health is a cornerstone of sustainable development, and espouse health promotion as an essential component of a comprehensive public health strategy in order to advance the well-being of the individual, families, and communities,” the INHPF members said in the declaration.

The declaration also seeks to globalise the health promotion agenda. It also aligns with other declarations on health promotion, such as the Rio Declaration on Social Determinants of Health in 2011 and the Geneva Charter for Well-being in 2021.

It also calls upon United Nations agencies and governments in other countries to promote, strengthen, and support efforts in setting up the infrastructure for health promotion.

Dr. Supreda Adulyanon, the Chief Executive Officer of ThaiHealth, said that the declaration served as a means “to tell the world” of the accomplishments and initiatives undertaken by the network in the past.

Dr. Supreda Adulyanon

Meanwhile, Dr. Sandro Demaio, the head of the INHPF, said that this collaboration would empower members to collectively address and overcome the challenges each member was facing, by sharing knowledge and learning together.

Dr. Sandro Demaio

The INHPF recently welcomed its eighth partner, Health and Wellbeing Queensland from Australia, to its network.

The organisation's leader, Mark Tuohy, expressed feeling privileged to be part of this collaboration and to have the opportunity to learn from more experienced members. 

Health and Wellbeing Queensland has gained recognition for its dedication to addressing the longstanding issue of obesity in Australia.

The INHPF’s network includes seven other members across the globe: Australia’s Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation, Korea Health Promotion Institute, Taiwan Health Promotion Administration, Tonga Health Promotion Foundation, and Singapore Health Promotion Board

Mark Tuohy