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FRIDAY, December 09, 2022
Ministry of Tourism drives Thai tourism to stimulate new phase economy

Ministry of Tourism drives Thai tourism to stimulate new phase economy

WEDNESDAY, September 21, 2022

While Informa Markets organized Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022, expected to circulate revenue of over 100 Million Baht

Tourism has continually been recovering and a new phase economy's propelling scheme was launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in collaboration with the Thai Hotels Association (THA), Thai Restaurant Association (TRA), Thailand Chefs Association (TCA), and Private Sector to make preparation to take up the greater number of tourists as well as build sustainable tourism.

Informa Markets announces to hold Food & Hospitality 2022 between September 21 – 24, 2022 to jointly support entrepreneurs to get themselves ready, this event gathers a large number of the world's leading companies to exhibit food products and services with wider industry coverage including restaurant, café, bar, coffee shop and service business and is expected to circulate revenue inside the event no less than 100 million baht.

Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports said about Thailand's tourism circumstance that the tourism business has undergone a hard time for over 2 years from the Covid-19 pandemic but the Thai tourism industry should be able to recover anytime soon because Thailand has strength in various aspects that attract tourists worldwide and we could see the positive sign from the increasing number of foreign tourists when Covid-19 pandemic circumstance started to unravel.  

Ministry of Tourism drives Thai tourism to stimulate new phase economy

Besides, the great number of interested exhibitors and people who join Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022, which is the event in relation to the group of tourism, hotel, restaurant, and service industries could definitely prove that tourism and service businesses have already recovered and its future should be brighter than before.

However, even though tourists tend to travel to Thailand in greater numbers, the country must be aware that tourism behaviour may be different from earlier considering the world's tourism trends. Therefore, the Thai tourism industry is required to make some adjustments in accordance with the new demands of tourists of all groups and ages.   

In addition to the Tourism trends of the world's mainstream that tourism and service sectors to keep an eye on including Personalized Tourism, Medical Tourism, Hygienic Condition Conscious Tourism, as well as Technology Integration with the process or business model in greater number.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports is well aware that product exhibition in relation to tourism such as Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022 is so important for the business sector and very pleased to support this event, which shall give opportunities to entrepreneurs and participants to keep up with the new trends, discover new tools to drive their businesses to success, and have the same goal to build a sustainable tourism industry.

Ministry of Tourism drives Thai tourism to stimulate new phase economy

Manu Leopairote, Chairman, Informa Markets – Thailand; the organizer said that Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022 has been further extended from Food & Hotel Thailand which had been continually organized for over 27 years, therefore, organizing this event once again after the Covid-19 pandemic is considered so important.

Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022 this year shall cover every group of tourism and service industries including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, spas, retailing businesses, banquet businesses, hospitals, etc., while some novelties shall be initiated including the new event venue at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) with 10,000 SQM of exhibition space, 2 new zones added in the event as Coffee & Bakery Thailand and Restaurant & Bar Thailand, as well as various activities added including seminars, workshops, and contests that shall help to develop the capabilities of entrepreneurs, personnel and interested people.

In addition to the product exhibition, there are over 300 exhibitors including Thai and international manufacturing, importing, and distributing companies and 5 international pavilions including Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Poland showcasing a variety of goods, products, premium materials, appliances, tools, solutions, innovation, and technology for tourism, hotel, restaurant, and service businesses. It is expected to circulate no less than 100 million baht of revenue throughout the four-day event.

Rather than being considered a great event arrangement with a variety of activities, the event organizer had discussed and asked for collaboration from exhibitors to promote Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022 as an environmental-friendly event with absolute sustainability and worthwhile resource-consuming. This approach includes shortening the height of exhibition booths, using recycled materials, designing booth compositions for further use, using biodegradable devices and containers, selecting food and materials used in contests and product exhibitions to cook food by the Thai Chefs Association (TCA) and distributing to the needed charitable organizations, de-composing the incurred wastes inside the event with the correct way, etc. All these collaborations are aimed to create a model for future event arrangements in Thailand.   

Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022 shall be held between September 21 – 24, 2022 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Hall 1 – 2, G Floor. 

Public Relations Unit for the Food & Hospitality Thailand 2022 event

Ministry of Tourism drives Thai tourism to stimulate new phase economy