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MONDAY, December 11, 2023

Thailand Cyber Top Talent draws 2,323 participants in cybersecurity competition

Thailand Cyber Top Talent draws 2,323 participants in cybersecurity competition
SUNDAY, October 01, 2023

The National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co, Ltd, jointly held the “Thailand Cyber Top Talent 2023”, a ground-breaking cybersecurity competition open to students and the public.

Participants vied for cash prizes worth a total of 521,000 baht.

The competition aimed to cultivate knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, addressing online threats and providing a platform for individuals to enhance their practical skills.

Winners will go on to represent Thailand in the upcoming Cyber SEA Game. The initial round, held on September 16, witnessed an overwhelming response, with 2,323 participants from across the nation forming 831 competing teams.

The final showdown, in which the top 30 teams competed for the prestigious title took place on Saturday at Centara Grand Central Plaza Ladprao, under the auspices of Digital Economy and Society Minister Prasert Chantararuangthong.

“Cybersecurity is critical in our connected world, with online threats becoming more severe and impacting both private and public sectors on a global scale. The stakes become even higher when public infrastructures, such as national waterworks, electricity systems and financial institutions become targets and consequences can become far-reaching,” Prasert said.

Thailand Cyber Top Talent draws 2,323 participants in cybersecurity competition

“With advanced technology, incidents that compromise online data and several types of scams have become prevalent in Thailand. An increased number of participants in this year’s competition as a good sign. It shows that we have plenty of resources to work towards the improvement of our national cybersecurity and bring it to the global standard."

“We have observed a shortage of IT talents worldwide, making it a top priority for the NCSA to nurture expertise in this field and elevate our national cybersecurity standards,” said Amorn Chomchoey, secretary-general of the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA).

“We are committed to enhancing public awareness of online threats and are actively collaborating with global partners like Huawei Technologies to organise public events aimed at fostering this knowledge.”

He celebrated the successful third consecutive edition of the “Thailand Cyber Top Talent” and acknowledged the contributions of several partners in this endeavour like TB-CERT, SOSECURE, Secure-D Center, McAiden, IT Select Lab and KTB Redteam to name a few.

Thailand Cyber Top Talent draws 2,323 participants in cybersecurity competition

David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand), emphasised the necessity of robust online safety policies in the face of rapid technological advancements.

“Huawei is committed to supporting Thailand’s digital transformation and prioritises the nurturing of IT talents. We recognise the critical role of cybersecurity and closely collaborate with our partners across sectors to enhance knowledge in online security,” he said.

“This year’s ‘’Cyber Top Talent 2023 Hacker Weekend’ joins our array of programs aimed at bolstering cybersecurity awareness in Thailand. We anticipate it to help increase the skills that are necessary for the next generation of professionals and,

Huawei, committed to supporting Thailand’s digital transformation, prioritizes the nurturing of IT talents,” Li said.

“The competition is in line with our ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’ mission. We aim to cultivate a new generation of skilled professionals to ensure Thailand’s cybersecurity readiness,” he added.

The final round of the competition was split into three categories – high school, university and public – and shortlisted teams competed under the “Attack the Virtual World” theme.

They hunted for answers on hosts’ devices, client devices and other devices amid ongoing cyberattacks, striving to find traces and answers from infected hosts.

The event featured various experts sharing insights into hacker tricks, how unauthorised apps can swipe money from your bank, and tips on password protection for safer online experiences. It also showcased the works and products of over 16 leading online security companies. The official competition results will be published on the NCSA Thailand’s Facebook page.