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Killer Serm released early to avoid media

Serm Sakhonrat, a 35-year-old inmate who had murdered his girlfriend while he was a medical student and was granted a royal pardon this year, was released two days before schedule on Friday so he could avoid the media.

However, relatives of the victim said Serm was released quickly and warned him not to do wrong again.
Bangkwang Prison chief Visanu Prachongkit said yesterday that Serm did not want to be in the news again or for people to pay attention to him. He preferred tranquility and do meditation.
So, the prison allowed him to leave earlier, although he was not due to be released until today.
Serm was sentenced to life in prison in March 1998 after he was convicted of murdering and dismembering girlfriend Jenjira Ployangunsri, who was also a medical student. His prison term was reduced on five occasions through pardons. So, he was released after 13 years and nine months in jail.
Jenjira’s parents were not seen at their family home in Nakhon Pathom’s Samphran district.
Relative Waraphorn Saekhow, 50, said the couple moved to the US to run a business after Jenjira was killed.
Waraphorn said she and other relatives were unaware Serm was released. They didn’t think he would get out “so quickly”. What he had done to Jenjira could not be compensated by the punishment he received, she said.
But they would accept the release and warned Serm not to do it again or harm other people.
Serm’s 68-year-old mother in Muang district in Chon Buri, Somsri Sakhonrat, said she was delighted that her son had been freed and would go to bring him home herself.
Two female neighbours of the family said they would not be scared if Serm wanted to go back home, as they believed he was not cruel. They believed he had killed his girlfriend on impulse. Both said they would give him a chance to start a new life. However, one said she had heard Serm would not be living there but would work in Bangkok, as he had already got a job in the capital.

Published : December 17, 2011