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Police question net idol over ‘Blue’ movies

Jul 23. 2019
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By Kornkamon Aksorndech
The Nation

Net idol and “pretty” products presenter Jirarat “Blue” Chanantho met police on Tuesday to answer questions over her “secret” VIP online chat room, where members paid Bt300-500 a month to watch sexy video clips of her.

She was responding to a police summons amid suggestions she might have violated the Computer Act. 

Jirarat and her lawyer, Anucha Buddhaworakul, met with Pol Colonel Siriwat Deepor, spokesman and deputy commander of the Royal Thai Police’s Technology Crime Suppression Division and its superintendent, Pol Colonel Kwanchai Pattanarak. 

Following their hour-long meeting, Siriwat said police had not yet filed any charges against Jirarat because they first required Jirarat to provide them with evidence. Possible charges include putting pornographic material into a computer system that is accessible by the public - that offence is which is punishable by a maximum five-year prison term and/or a maximum Bt100,000 fine. 

Jirarat later told reporters she had not opened the group to the public and that its 200-300 members had all been made to undergo a screening process, including confirming they were of legal age, as well as pay the appropriate fees. 

She said she had suspended the group pending an examination of the laws and adjustment of its content to ensure it was all legal. 

She did, however, clarify that she had only set it up so she could communicate with her fans, although she confirmed she had also worn revealing clothes for “artistic” purposes.

She also admitted she was worried because one charge she might face carried a stiff penalty but insisted she was happy to submit all the evidence to police so they would be satisfied that while the group chat was perhaps inappropriate, it was not for public consumption.

Her lawyer said Jirarat did what she did out of a belief it was “art” and without knowing the relevant laws.

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