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Majority of people doubt govt ability to control marijuana use: poll

A majority of people surveyed recently were sceptical of the government’s ability to exercise strict control over marijuana use and plantation.



Only 9 per cent of the Nida Poll respondents believed the government would be successful in controlling marijuana use and plantation.
The poll showed that nearly 48 per cent of respondents had read sometimes about the government’s cannabis policy.
Of the 1,257 respondents, 17.50 per cent said they followed up on the topic but nearly 35 per cent had no interest in the subject.
The survey held on July 24 showed that 49 per cent “quite believe” that marijuana could cure diseases. Around 23 per cent said they seriously believed in marijuana as a medical option, while only around 9 per cent were unconvinced.
Experts working in medical fields have said the government should allow the use of medical marijuana. About 65 per cent of respondents say physicians should be given permission to prescribe medical marijuana but 4.67 per cent were against such prescriptions.
Among respondents who kept themselves updated with the news, around 83 per cent believed that marijuana could contribute to medical research and treat symptoms while 16 per cent of respondents believed  that marijuana could be produced as a legal product and generate extra earning for people.
Responding to the proposal to allow six marijuana pots per household, about 40 per cent of respondents strongly opposed the policy while about 25 per cent were in agreement.

Published : July 24, 2019

By : The Nation