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SUNDAY, September 24, 2023

Yingluck becomes a Serbian citizen

Yingluck becomes a Serbian citizen
FRIDAY, August 09, 2019

Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has become a citizen of Serbia, foreign reports said.

Her brother, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, confirmed the reports.
News agencies in Serbia reported on Thursday that the government had announced in its Royal Gazette about Yingluck being granted citizenship and a passport by the government.
Thai diplomats in Belgrade declined to comment on the reports.
Thaksin gave an interview to BBC Thai website confirming that the reports were true.
Thaksin said he is a friend of the governments in the region. Thaksin got his citizenship and passport from Montenegro in 2010.
“I’m a friend of all of them. We always do what is useful for them,” Thaksin told BBC Thai.
The Thai passports of Yingluck and Thaksin were revoked by the government after they fled criminal sentencing to live in exile.
“We are familiar with one another. Our ties developed after they read our backgrounds and knew a lot about us. They knew we did good things for the people. They want us to come up with new, useful ideas. Since we can’t do good things for our own country, we decided to help them. But in my own country, they are using my own and expired medicine. If they need my help, they can tell me,” Thaksin was quoted as saying.
Yingluck fled across the border before the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Office read a verdict against her in the rice pledging case and the fake government-to-government rice deal case on August 25, 2017. Yingluck was sentenced by the court to five years in jail for dereliction of duty.
Initially, Yingluck went to stay with Thaksin in the United Arab Emirates.
When Yingluck’s passport was revoked in October 2017, Thaksin gave an interview to BBC Thai that he anticipated the junta would resort to the measure to deal with him and his sister but he was prepared for it.
In May 2018, a source close to Yingluck said she had got a passport from a European country and she was staying in England after she got a 10-year visa.
On July 2019, the Thai Foreign Ministry sent a formal letter to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, seeking Yingluck’s extradition.