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Most Bangkokians still undecided about next governor: survey

Sep 09. 2019
Noppadon Kannikar
Noppadon Kannikar
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By The Nation

A survey has found that most Bangkok residents have no specific candidate for the next governor in mind.

The survey was carried out among 1,060 Bangkok residents by the Super Poll pollster and the results were announced by its director Noppadon Kannikar on Sunday.

He said 64 per cent of the respondents have no candidate in mind yet although several well-known figures have been tipped as possibles for the Bangkok governor election.

Noppadon said 36 per cent of the respondents said they would vote for the parties they support, such as the Future Forward Party, the Phalang Pracharat Part, the Democrat Party and the Pheu Thai Party. To an open-ended question as to the type of governor they want to elect, 83.8 per cent said they want a governor with integrity and no tainted record, 74.3 per cent said they want a governor who can solve problems fast and who put words into actions while 24.5 per cent said they want a governor with tangible policies.

To another open-ended question on the urgent issues that need to be addressed by the new governor, 79.6 per cent said they want the next governor to solve traffic woes, 56.9 per cent want the governor to address the rising cost of living and the lack of income, 55.1 per cent want the governor to tackle floods while 51.1 per cent cited garbage and pollution as urgent issue, and 50.4 per cent cited crime and lack of safety as urgent issues.

To the same question, 38.9 per cent would like to see the next governor address the mass transportation and 27.7 per cent want the new governor to tackle corruption among agencies of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

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