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No ‘hidden’ virus cases in Thailand, official insists

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Thailand’s current barricade against the spread of Covid-19 takes the form of two-stage screenings for the virus in eight provinces and ramped-up checks on Thais returning home from countries and territories where it’s been found, the director of the Disease Control Department said on Wednesday (February 19).

Sopon Iamsirithaworn said many returning Thais have been conscientious about making sure they are not infected after travelling abroad.
He pointed out that the number of Chinese tourists coming to Thailand has dropped by 90 per cent, bringing a corresponding plunge in the risk of the virus spreading here. 
“But screenings will continue, to make sure we’re as safe as possible,” Sopon said.
Asked about a rumour that the Health Ministry might be “hiding” cases, since the virus has spread fast in Hong Kong and Singapore while remaining stable in Thailand, Sopon insisted that all the details being shared were true. 
“We really have found no new infections recently, even though we’re screening more people.”

Published : February 19, 2020