Mon, September 27, 2021


Sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in provinces 'cause for concern'

Medical officials are greatly concerned abou the new coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading to other provinces.



The Public Health Ministry revealed at a media briefing on Sunday that the infection rate in other provinces had tended to increase. The number of confirmed cases in other provinces had risen to 236 on March 22 from 59 cases on March 19 compared with Bangkok's 363 cases, up from 213 on March 19.
The ministry officials also expressed concern that the temporary closure of locations in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces will cause many people to transfer to other provinces.
The Department of Disease Control has sought the cooperation of each provincial admission office to make a search and surveillance plan at the district and village levels to ask people to stay at home and stop travelling.

Published : March 22, 2020

By : The Nation