Fri, June 24, 2022


Phatthalung bans entry or exit of people from the province until April 16

Phatthalung Governor Kukiat Wongkraphan announced on Friday (March 3) a lockdown of the province from April 6 to 16, in order to control Covid-19 from spreading and preventing local people from the risk of infection.

The province had reported six cases as of Friday (April 3).
During the shutdown period, vehicles can pass through the province, but will not be allowed to drop passengers off. Also, the train running to Phatthalung cannot pick up or drop passengers off at any station in the province.
However, transport vehicles will be allowed to park in the province to move goods or medical supplies. Exempted persons must act in line with the government’s conditions, the governor's order said.

Published : April 04, 2020