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THURSDAY, September 29, 2022
Bottlenose dolphins found near Similan Island

Bottlenose dolphins found near Similan Island

WEDNESDAY, May 06, 2020
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More dolphins have reappeared in the Andaman Sea near Similan Island in Phang Nga province after cessation of human activity in the area.

Tatnet Petkong, chief of the Similan Islands National Park, said that when his task force was observing the marine route around Similan Islands to prevent the spread of Covid-19, they encountered 50 dolphins swimming under the water.
They were a school of bottlenose dolphins, presumably searching for food, 1.5 kilometres away from Koh Payang Island.
The officers have taken video footage to compare them with another group of 100 dolphins that had appeared last month at the nearby Koh Bon Island.