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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Five types of rice covered by new price-guarantee scheme

Five types of rice covered by new price-guarantee scheme

SATURDAY, July 18, 2020
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The National Rice Policy Committee has approved a rice price-guarantee scheme for crop year 2020-21 for five types of rice with effect from September 1 until the end of harvesting season in May 2021, Deputy PM and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said on Friday (July 17).

The five types of rice to be guaranteed under the scheme are:
▪︎ Hom Mali rice from the Northeast is guaranteed Bt15,000 per tonne up to 14 tonnes per household.
▪︎ Hom Mali rice grown elsewhere is guaranteed Bt14,000 up to 16 tonnes.
▪︎ Round rice is guaranteed Bt10,000 up to 30 tonnes.
▪︎ Hom Pathum Thani rice is guaranteed Bt11,000 up to 25 tonnes.
▪︎ Glutinous rice is guaranteed Bt12,000 up to 16 tonnes.
“The committee also approved the measure to slowdown the sale of rice when there is excess supply in the market which could result in the price plummeting,” said Jurin. “Farmers who hold on to their rice stocks instead of selling them will be compensated at Bt1,500 per tonne. In case the farmers have submitted their produce to a cooperative, the compensation will be shared between the cooperative [Bt1,000 per tonne] and farmers [Bt500 per tonne].”
“Furthermore, the government will support 3 per cent of interest for millers who apply for loan to buy the rice and keep in their stock instead of selling while there is oversupply in the market,” added Jurin.
“Lastly, the committee agreed to rename 'harvesting subsidy' as 'rice management and quality improvement subsidy', which is paid at Bt1,000 per rai, up to 20 rai per household,” said Jurin. “Previously the harvesting subsidy created confusion as to whether or not the farmers were entitled to the money in case the paddy was damaged by natural disaster and could not be harvested.”