Sunday, June 13, 2021


Royalists clash with pro-democracy protesters in Bangkok

Royalists skirmished with student-led protesters rallying at Ramkhamhaeng University’s Huamark campus on Wednesday.



Photo by Wanchai Kraisornkhajit

A royalist group had gathered at the university and declared it wanted to protect the monarchy from groups it said were inciting people without presenting the facts.

Photo by Wanchai Kraisornkhajit
The clash was quickly defused by police, but protesters led by the Ramkhamhaeng Network for Democracy decided to file a complaint and hold a rally in front of Huamark Police Station. They also pleaded for protection from the university's board.

Photo by Wanchai Kraisornkhajit
Protesters said a secretary to Deputy Transport Minister Thaworn Senneam and a close friend of former People's Democratic Reform Committee leader Suthep Thaugsuban were among the royalist they encountered.

Photo by Wanchai Kraisornkhajit

Published : October 21, 2020

By : The Nation