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Chuan admits reconciliation panel will not include all sides

Parliament president Chuan Leekpai told press on Tuesday he had consulted Privy Councillor Surayud Chulanont and former PM Somchai Wongsawat about plans for a national reconciliation committee to resolve rising political conflict.

Chuan said that Surayud, a former Army chief and post-2016 coup PM, declined to express an opinion on the topic.
“However, he asked all sides to consider the community at large,” he added.
Meanwhile Somchai agreed to do whatever was in the national interest.
Chuan also said that the reconciliation panel would not consist of representatives from all sides of the conflict, as proposed by King Prajadhipok's Institute.
The youth-led protest movement has already dismissed the panel as a waste of time and reiterated its demands for the PM’s resignation, dissolution of Parliament and monarchy reform.
Chuan said the panel would represent as many sides as possible.
Last week, the institute advised that the reconciliation committee take one of two forms – representatives from all sides of the conflict, or independent middlemen selected by different sides.
Chuan said the second option was a possibility, and suitable middlemen were currently being approached.
He said last week that the two proposed panel formats could be adjusted or merged, adding he would hold talks with stakeholders before making a final decision.

Published : November 10, 2020