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Dhara Dhevi Hotel ceases operations in Chiang Mai

The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai is shutting up shop due to the impact of Covid-19, which has dealt a blow to tourism. The hotel had announced its temporary closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic in May and October.

On November 23, Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai sent termination letters to all hotel employees, citing the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.
Earlier, some 200 employees of the Dhara Dhevi Hotel had filed petitions with the governor of Chiang Mai and the Chiang Mai Provincial Labour Protection and Welfare Office several times that the management had postponed the reopening of the hotel and the payment of staff salaries.
As permanent closure has been announced, Dhara Dhevi Hotel is now waiting for the Legal Execution Department to sell its assets by auction early next year.
On November 18, the Appeal Court dismissed the petition for business reorganisation of Dhara Dhevi Hotel, which forced the hotel to enter bankruptcy.

Published : November 29, 2020

By : The Nation