Saturday, July 24, 2021


97 police officers under scrutiny for Covid-19 allowance swindle

The National Internal Affairs Police is investigating a case assigned by National Police chief Pol General Suwat Jangyodsuk since November involving some police officers who had allegedly swindled Covid-19 allowance that was supposed to go to other officers who worked extra shifts during the outbreak, bureau chief Pol General Wissanu Prasatthong-Osot said on Tuesday.



“The result of the investigation should be ready in 10 days. Currently, 97 officers in 41 police stations ranging from non-commissioned to generals are under investigation for being involved in the swindle,” he said.
“The bureau aims to provide justice to all policemen involved. After the investigation concludes, the victims will receive their full allowance, while the offending officers will be punished under the law and disciplinary standards.”
Wissanu said he had submitted the list of offenders to the National Police chief and insisted that all would be punished without exception.
“The National Police chief had also ordered the transfer of offending officers at the commander and sub-commander levels out of their areas as per the investigation procedures,” he added.

Published : December 02, 2020