Fri, October 22, 2021


Phuket aims to vaccinate 100,000 people in April in preparation for July 1 reopening

The governor of Phuket held an urgent meeting on Sunday with agencies and community leaders to discuss the allocation of the Covid-19 vaccine, urging all Phuket residents to prepare for the inoculation and sign up on the health officer website.

The meeting set the goal of vaccinating 100,000 people in April before the opening of the province on July 1, according to plans for accepting vaccinated foreign tourists without quarantine.

Governor Narong Woonclew said that 300,000 doses of vaccine would arrive in May according to the government’s promise, 200,000 in June, and 260,000 in July, totalling 920,000 doses. He urged local people to quickly register for vaccination within five days, before March 31. If the number of vaccinated people did not reach at least 50,000, it might affect vaccine procurement plan in the future, he said.

Published : March 29, 2021

By : The Nation