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Chonburi administration orders major lockdown to contain Covid-19

The Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organisation has implemented urgent measures with effect from Sunday to contain the Covid-19 crisis.

The organisation president, Wittaya Khunpluem, said the orders were issued on the recommendation of the Chonburi Communicable Diseases Committee.

Under the restrictions, the following establishments will be temporatily closed:

1. Entertainment venues, pubs, bars, karaoke facilities

2. Bathing, steam and massage parlours

3. Cinemas and theatres

4. Snooker, billiards, bowling, skating, rollerblading venues

5. Gaming shops and internet cafés

6. Swimming pool, water parks, amusement parks with rides as well as children's rides in markets, floating markets, and flea markets

7. Banquet areas and similar business

8. Daily nurseries and elderly care facilities

9. Amulet shops

10. Health establishments, health massage, foot massage and traditional massage.

11. Spas, beauty salons, beauty clinics and weight control institutions.

12. Tattoo parsing or piercing the skin of the body.

Restaurants and beverage shops can be open until 9pm, but takeaway service can be provided until 11pm. Serving of alcohol or alcoholic beverages in the shop is strictly banned and must comply with the preventive measures for control of the spread of the disease as prescribed by the public health authorities.

Shopping malls can be open until 9pm, but should limit the number of users and refrain from campaign activities. However, rides, gaming shops and amusement parks must remain closed.

All 24-hour convenience stores can be open from 4am to 11pm.

Supermarkets, flea markets, and night markets cannot be open beyond 11pm.

Sports stadiums, gyms, and fitness centres can be open until 9pm.

The Chonburi official also announced a strict ban on the following activities and places:

1. Use of school buildings or school places and educational institutions of any kind to provide instruction, exams, training or activities that are attended by a large number of participants, except for ad-hoc medical facilities.

2. No organising of activities with groups of more than 50 people unless authorised by the staff.

3. Refrain from using the seaside area, beaches or reservoirs to socialise or dine, except for exercise.

Published : April 18, 2021

By : The Nation