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For shopping platform SocialGiver, business is a way of giving back to society

Would you like to shop online but also contribute towards a good cause? SocialGiver, a non-profit shopping platform, is making a bold attempt at a marriage of business and charity. 

SocialGiver, launched in 2015, offers a new way to donate for helping society even as you shop like on any other e-commerce website. 
It has been developed to meet the needs of contemporary Thai people, to make it easier for them to make purchases online. 
SocialGiver differentiates itself from other e-commerce services through its emphasis on social conscience, by partnering many social enterprises and local businesses.

Their mission is to connect and use the public’s spending power to create a positive change in the world. Buying through SocialGiver would mean choosing to support local business and social enterprises in giving back to society.

For shopping platform SocialGiver, business is a way of giving back to society

On April 5, hosted the Socialgiver Awards at Chatrium Hotel in Bangkok. The event was organised to reward people, influencers, media, brand quality and social enterprises and to give out the inaugural Ecosystem Creator Award.

Speaking at the event, Aliza Napartivaumnuay, the founder of SocialGiver Thailand, shared the goal of this platform. “It is such a great idea if every time when we are shopping, we can satisfy our need for buy a good product at a good price and good service from a very convenient platform, and also do some good. With every purchase you make, you can support local businesses and social enterprises which continue to contribute their profit to help society.” It means that every time you shop through them, shoppers can also join in donating to charities to make society better.

“Social enterprise is a business model that aims to solve social or environmental problems, while also being able to generate profits to operate the business sustainably and create tangible social outcomes. This would pave the way for the sustainable survival of Thai society in the Covid-19 era. The SocialGiver Award 2022 event is organised  to reward the person and brand quality that contributes to a better future for society,” she said.

For shopping platform SocialGiver, business is a way of giving back to society

Speaking at the forum on “Tourism Authority of Thailand x Socialgiver = Meaningful  Travel”, TAT’s deputy governor for domestic marketing, Thapanee Kiatphaibool, said the authority officially supports the SocialGiver platform for promoting Thai brands in tourism sector businesses.

She said it is a very good option for the shoppers who will have more choices in the market and in the process can also support local businesses while contributing to charities at the same time.

For shopping platform SocialGiver, business is a way of giving back to society

Things are gradually turning around for Thailand’s tourism industry, Thapanee said. “Since the beginning of April, TAT has seen a good number of domestic and international travellers, giving a boost to tourism. In particular, there is an improvement in arrivals in the international sector,” she said. 
Under revised “Test & Go” rules effective from April 1, international travellers will be allowed to enter Thailand without the need to show proof of a negative RT-PCR test before boarding the flight, she added.

TAT expects 50,000 visitors in April. The tourism agency has activated its 29 offices around the world to promote travels to Thailand by reviving many tourist programmes, rebuilding the skills of travel agents and prioritising concerns about travel safety.

In addition to the social dimension, the Meaningful Travel campaign is a collaboration with SocialGiver. Every time, shoppers make bookings through SocialGiver, they will help support nature conservation and protect green spaces throughout Thailand due to many collaborations and other projects, without paying more. 
SocialGiver aims to make shoppers’ holidays even more special by donating half of whatever they spend to fundraise for the charities to create a lasting impact throughout Thailand. They plan to take this project to the region in the future.

For shopping platform SocialGiver, business is a way of giving back to society


By Varunsuda Karunayadhaj

Published : April 07, 2022