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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
Revise Waste Act with incentives to reduce junk, says expert

Revise Waste Act with incentives to reduce junk, says expert

SUNDAY, March 24, 2019
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THE COUNTRY’S waste could be reduced through incentives that push private developers to better management of construction materials, creating an economically healthier sector alongside healthier homes and reduced environmental impacts.

“Property is the largest sector, using ever-more raw construction materials and producing more construction waste,” Assoc Professor Dr Singh Intrachooto, head of the Creative Centre for Eco-design in the Architecture Faculty of Kasetsart University, said.
 “But they cannot manage the waste on their own under the country’s Waste Management Act,” Singh said in a recent interview with The Nation. “If the new government revises the act, it would help property firms manage their construction waste and move to a nearly zero-waste industry.” 
The property sector is also among the largest industrial users of energy, from both the construction process and after the buildings are completed and handed over to their customers.
He said the government should also revise the act to provide additional incentives for property firms to develop more energy-efficient residential and commercial buildings, including through installing solar rooftops and designing building that have lower environmental impacts and are healthier for people to live in.
This would improve the health of the property sector while also ensuring a better environment and healthier residents, he said.
“We hope the new government will [create conditions] that ensure the country’s property sector is among the healthiest industrial sectors and achieves zero waste,” he said.
“This would drive the industry toward sustainable growth and provide a global model for improving this industry,” Singh added.