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Bhiraj Buri unveils plan for SUNNY mall at Summer Lasalle, Bang Na

Aug 06. 2019
SUNNY mall at Summer Lasalle
SUNNY mall at Summer Lasalle
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Bhiraj Buri Group, an asset management company that focuses on commercial real estate, on Tuesday unveiled plans to open the newest community mall under the name SUNNY at Summer Lasalle.

The community mall was designed as an “urban eco-living community” and is located on 5,500 square metres of land as part of the Summer Lasalle project, a fully-fledged office campus space in the Sukhumvit-Bang Na area.

SUNNY will consist of a public park, common area, supermarket, food court and over 40 shops created as part of Bhiraj Buri’s vision to unite office workers and people in the community in a welcoming space, where they can spend their quality time and create endless happiness on a daily basis, according to a company release on Tuesday.

SUNNY is the latest project from Bhiraj Buri Group, which said it has given great attention to details dedicated to every aspect of the mall from the concept, design and construction, down to selecting the shops.

Under the “Urban Eco-Living Community” concept, SUNNY will feature a modern aesthetic with a special emphasis on massive green space to reflect the idea of creating happiness and sustainability. With a sleek yet welcoming design, the community mall is designed to lend itself to natural sunlight, a perfect representation of its name, SUNNY.

Pitiphatr Buri, the executive director of Bhiraj Buri Group, said that “SUNNY is our newest challenge for Bhiraj Buri, and is going to play an important role in promoting happiness and convenience for people in Lasalle and surrounding neighbourhoods.”

Promoting happiness and convenience is the main objective in every one of Bhiraj Buri’s projects, said Pitiphatr.

“The community mall aims to create a recreational space and meeting area for relaxing and exchanging ideas with activities that welcome everyone to participate equally.”

Bhiraj Buri Group has partnered with Tandem Architects (2001) Co Ltd., an architecture expert and consultant, to create the SUNNY community mall project. 

“Since the area where SUNNY is located used to be a rice paddy, we drew inspiration from a vintage barn and selected materials such as corrugated iron and wood, and gave it a modern twist with the addition of glass and structural steel” Jeerasak Nukhuntod, an architect with Tandem Architects, said. 

Jeerasak added: “We made sure that the space is open to natural sunlight, which is also going to help with energy reserves and the sustainability of the SUNNY project. We planted a large number of trees and plants to give shade, purify the air and provide a common green space for people in the community.”

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