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Fun fact behinds BITEC’s building design

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Bangkok, Thailand, 29 November 2021- Architectural design does not only respond to the exterior and physical appearance of buildings, it also conceals meanings and functional benefits beyond our perception.

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), a leading MICE venue in Thailand and ASEAN revealed fascinating facts behind its iconic building design that respond to the needs of MICE business.

BITEC’s top priority is to deliver excellent services to customers and visitors, providing convenient, safe and full access to its functional facilities where organisers require specific attention to detail. BITEC focused on all aspects of the architecture, engineering, interior design and landscaping to meet the international standards. The following are the ten remarkable highlights that are considered parts of BITEC’s brand identity.

1. BITEC's iconic masts

BITEC’s masts are considered as Iconic Architecture that have become like a landmark of the Eastern district of Bangkok. The idea of the design is of the plan to build an exhibition centre without pillars in order to make the most of every square metre.

Apart from an outstanding architectural appeal, all 26 masts support the roof structure, optimising spaces for facility usage without pillar obstructions. This allows for more flexible movement when installing equipment or industry machinery that requires manufacturing lifting. It is also beneficial for exhibitions that require vertical change of scene as the Hanging Point of the main roof structure has a bearing capacity of 2,000 kilograms per trussing line.

2. The size of BITEC’s parking space that is equal to 94 Olympic Game swimming pools

Many may think that BITEC does not have enough parking spaces, but in fact BITEC has a total capacity of up to 5,050 cars. BITEC has an indoor car park on the basement B1, B2 and B3 floors as well as the outdoor area which the total space is comparable to 94 standard Olympic swimming pools putting together. The parking space also includes special parking zones well as parking and charging outlets for electric vehicles (EV).

Fun fact behinds BITEC’s building design

3. Freedom of heights

The EH 100 Hall at BITEC is an event space with the highest ceiling of 25 metres, equivalenting to 6 London buses in stack. The height freedom benefits events that require manufacturing lifting or high ceiling space for loading and installation such as acrobatics, concerts and performing shows.

4. Strong building surface that can support the weight of up to 3 tons

BITEC is the only venue in Thailand that can host industrial exhibitions and trade shows. The building’s Floor load that has an ability to support the weight of up to 3 tons per square metre, allows BITEC to be the venue of choice for organisers in the public and private sectors.

5. Connected open exhibition halls that are big enough to fit 6 airplanes

Believe it or not, the EH 98 to EH 107 exhibition halls are connected thoroughly with a total distance of 867 metres. With the total distance that can fit six A380 Airbus aircrafts, the connected halls are suitable for exhibitions that need to be separated into zones without pillar obstructions such as the Expo. The halls are also a great venue to host an event like an indoor marathon, creating an open space event for visitors as well as avoiding the traffic and PM2.5. pollution.

Each building has its own loading point with truck access, allowing for easy transportation, installations and dismantles

6. The longest travellator in the Thai MICE industry

BITEC has the longest travellator in the Thai MICE industry, with a total distance of 718 metres. The travellator allows users to commute within the space through each hall faster and more convenient. It is specially designed to match the style of the building with high safety standards equivalent to the ones at the airports, shopping malls and five-star hotels. BITEC also considered power and energy-saving as one of the top priorities, hence the travellator will automatically stop when there are no users. As for its long narrow path, this might be a good idea for those who look for a photogenic corner for photos and posts on social media.

7. BITEC has a total of 34 meeting rooms that can support meetings up to 136 rounds a day

Not only BITEC has exhibition halls and trade show venues, BITEC also provides 34 functional rooms that can support banquets and meetings up to 136 rounds a day. The rooms can accommodate up to 5,155 seats per day (4 rounds a day, 2 for morning session and 2 for afternoon session). With services and facilities that meet the international standards, the functional meeting rooms are choice of full benefits for corporate meetings, seminars, and annual parties.   

8. Plus-size Loading Bay for cranes and trucks

BITEC is the only venue in Thailand that allows cranes and trucks to enter the halls for loading and setting up. The access through a plus-size Loading Door is six metres tall and eight metres wide. This allows exhibitors to set up industrial machineries in a more cost-effective and convenient way. Also, facilitating loading by Dock leveller.

9. The colours have meanings

Noticeably, the interior at BITEC is decorated with six colourful schemes to identify zones and separate staircases, escalators, elevators, and parking. This is to guide visitors through the halls to their destination. The six colours all have meanings in relation to BITEC.

  • Purple is referred to colour of the day of birth of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who presided at the ceremony to establish the centre
  • Red is referred to Rose Atrium
  • Orange is referred to Sun Atrium
  • Yellow is referred to Moon Atrium
  • Green is referred to Hill Atrium or Rubber Tree
  • Blue is referred to Sky Atrium

The colour codes will help to guide visitors throughout BITEC.

10. Only MICE venue in Thailand with the magic hatch

The magic hatch or what is called ‘Utility Hatch’ is important for a MICE venue because it hides bumps and bulges of the wires on the floor. It is hidden under the floor surface and contains all things such as electricity cables, plumbing cables, air deflectors that are installed at the events. The magic hatch is a must-have facility for industrial machinery exhibitions or events with machinery demonstration. Apart from being practical for setting up and providing a seamless appearance, the magic hatch also adds safety and security for the venue. Those hatches installed at every 9 meters on standard exhibition floor.

Apart from the outstanding architectural and meanings behind the design, BITEC also offers the international standards services and facilities to all users to utilise and benefit from the use of the space. The centre is working to provide services, safety and security that respond to alternating needs of MICE business in the next normal era.

Published : November 29, 2021