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SATURDAY, December 03, 2022
Maya Bay to close for three months next year

Maya Bay to close for three months next year

MONDAY, October 02, 2017

May Bay of "The Beach" fame will be closing for a few months to give it a chance to recover from the hordes of tourists...

Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island, made famous among others by the film The Beach, will be closed for three months for rehabilitation next year (see here for more details).

It would be a popular move – at least among those visitors who went there only to experience crowds of tourists on every square foot of the beach. Some feel the authorities might take the ban a step further to limit the number of visitors each day. TripAdvisor’s comments paint a good picture of the current state of affairs at Maya Bay...


Namrata G from Bengaluru, India

The island is Unforgettable!!

A lot has been said about how touristy and busy this place has become thanks to the hype created by the movie 'The Beach'. Let none of that deter you. It’s part of a national park so the authorities have taken care, maintained and preserved the beauty of this place. Just find the right time to go. Go as early as possible, to avoid a lot of crowds. It's mesmerizingly beautiful and swimming here, in those pristine waters, with the mountains all around - is an experience I'll never forget in my life!


Isabel Y from London, United Kingdom

Very disappointing visit

The famous Maya Bay is absolutely packed with tourists with the consequent huge amount of traditional and power boats. The water was so dirty with plastics than we didn't want to swim in the bay. Besides, in order to touch the sand of the beach you have to pay 400 baht. Absolutely not worth it! There are so many other places around the same island that are so much more beautiful. Just a pity that tourists cannot respect the natural environment and keep their plastic wraps with them until the next bin is available.


Katrina H

Rocky and littered seawater

The sea is beautiful and the jungle area is nice. However the beach is full of litter, the water is very shallow and filled with litter like plastic bottles, etc., which ruins the experience of the island. Too shallow to swim.


Ben H

The Beach has well and truly been discovered

Ironic what the movie that made this locale famous was preaching against is now the day in and day out. It is a gorgeous beach with amazing snorkelling and a great view of the bay behind only a short stroll away. But it is very very busy. Don’t expect to be left to yourself in paradise with all the speed boats bringing dozens of tourists. With so many boats there’s scarcely enough space to swim. But a must-see when visiting the Phi Phi Islands




It’s crowded but amazing... nothing else.
We took a tour from Phi Phi port, kayak snorkeling and night plankton immersion was included. Dinner staring at the sunset. No way... fantastic! You can bathe at the beach but it’s not the best thing. Too crowded and long-tail boats all over the beach. It’s a national park so there’s a ticket to put feet on the ground. Totally worth it.


Monika B

Worth seeing for 20 minutes

The place is beautiful, unique and truly worth a visit, but it is flooded with tourists who are shouting, taking pictures and making this wonderful spot a noisy market. All in all, the place is truly worth seeing. 
The most amazing part of our trip was the adventurous way we got in - due to the waves and wind, our long boat captain couldn’t park his boat right on the beach so we had to swim to the high rock, then climb on that rock like Tarzan. That was a great adventure for us!


Irena M

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world (when there are no crowds) !!!

We were on our yacht so we were not dependent on any other transportation! We arrived early in the morning (5 a.m.) and were the first on the beach. Pure and absolute beauty!!! A sight to remember for the rest of your life!
When the hordes of tourists starts coming, one has to run!


James M, Isle of Muck, United Kingdom


This beach is really something out of a magazine, it was stunning! Lots of people though as it is a popular tourist attraction so rather try and go in the afternoon. But overall a stunning place!


Anna O

Awesome beach

I went to this beach after a rainy day for the sunset and it was completely empty... we were just myself and my boyfriend... The water is not clear as in the pictures because, as our boat man explain, it’s begun to be very famous after the movie “The Beach” and too many speed boats came every day, damaging the water. But the place it is still beautiful. Usually you have to pay 400 baht to enter but we didn’t pay anything because nobody was there :) If you are at Phi Phi Island you have to visit it. I recommend hiring a private boat instead of the commercial day tour trip.