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Thousands flock to Yala skywalk to glimpse sea of mist

More than 4,000 tourists visited Yala province’s iconic Ai Yerweng skywalk to enjoy a view of the sea of mist from an altitude of over 600 metres, Anan Boonsamran, chief of Betong district, said on Sunday.

“The province has opened the skywalk free of charge since September 24 to boost domestic tourism,” he said. “Tourists are flocking here early in the morning at 5.30 to 7am to witness the sea of mist. During the weekend, when there are more visitors than the skywalk’s capacity, we have to limit the time for each round, and tourists may still have to queue up for hours to get their turn,” he said.

Thousands flock to Yala skywalk to glimpse sea of mist

The 61-metre skywalk is believed to be the longest in the Asean region and includes the Ai Yerweng Tower from where tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of Betong at sunrise and sunset.
“The province is also looking into the parking space problem, as most tourists get here in their own cars, causing traffic congestion and inadequate parking space especially during weekends,” added Anan. “We are looking into the possibility of providing public transport to reduce the need of private vehicles.”
The district chief also added that the free admission period would continue until further announcement from the Royal Forest Department.

Published : September 28, 2020