Varawut to reaffirm Thailand’s pledge to fight climate change at COP27


Thailand is ready to show progress in tackling climate change during the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa said on Wednesday.

He made the remarks at Suvarnabhumi Airport before leading his team to participate in COP27 at Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt from November 11 to 16.
The conference began on November 6 and ends on November 18.

Varawut said Thailand has submitted its long-term plan until 2065 to the conference organiser, including measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Thailand from 388 million tonnes equivalent to 120 million tonnes.

"So far, Thailand has set up a plan to reduce greenhouse gas and enable people in Thailand to adapt themselves, especially the underprivileged, such as farmers and the elderly," he said.

He said Thailand also aims to show an agreement on carbon credit trade, technology transfer and fund support with Switzerland.

"Thailand and Switzerland are the world's first countries that carry on tackling climate change under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement," he added.

"Even though Thailand was ranked 22nd among greenhouse gas emitters, we are willing to tackle this issue in cooperation between the government and private sectors."

He pointed out that creating awareness among all groups of people in the country is most important to tackle climate change, especially among people at the grassroots level.

"All people should be aware of climate change's impact over the past 10 years, such as rising sea level, the El Niño and La Niña phenomenon," he said, adding that climate change was a result of people's actions.

He said he also planned to win support from many countries after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha declared during COP26 in Glasgow on November 1 last year the goal to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 and reach net-zero carbon emissions in 2065.

Many countries had promised to support Thailand, through finance, work, technology and personnel development, he added.

"We don't just talk. We will show the world that we are moving towards dealing with climate change," he said.

"This is a matter that cannot be delayed any longer. We have to do it now," he added.

During the Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT) forum at United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok on Wednesday last week (November 2), Varawut said the Environment Ministry is working on a draft act on climate change to encourage entrepreneurs to take part in tackling climate change. It is expected to be proposed to the Cabinet by the end of this year.

He added that he would propose updated strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent within 2030 during COP27.

"The strategies are short term and long term, such as applying technologies, developing carbon credit trade mechanisms, both domestic and overseas, and increasing carbon capture and storage," he said.

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