Phuket officials tell PM they are ready to host expo in 2028


Executives and members of 19 local administrative organisations from Phuket on Thursday gathered at the province’s city hall in Muang district to submit a letter to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha confirming the island province is ready to host the 2028 Specialised Expo.

The gathering was a response to a recent comment by Interior Ministry permanent secretary Suttipong Juljarern who said Phuket was not ready to host the international event and suggested the province withdraw its candidacy.

The letter was accepted by deputy governors Amnuay Pinsuwan and Anuphab Rodkwan, who promised to forward it to Prayut.

Rewat Areerob, president of the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation, said local officials and communities had been working together over the past several months to prepare for hosting the international expo.

“We submitted the letter because we wanted those in high positions to understand our dedication and readiness to host the 2028 Specialised Expo,” he said.

Phuket residents were sad to hear the disheartening comment from a fellow Thai, especially one who is a senior official, Rewat said.

Thailand launched its bid for Phuket to host the 2028 Specialised Expo in Paris in June last year, highlighting the southern island’s suitability to host the event under the theme “Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity”.

Specialised Expos are meant to respond to a specific challenge facing humanity and usually take place between World Expos.

The Bureau of International Exposition will announce the country that will host the 2028 Specialised Expo in June. There are five candidates: the US, Argentina, Serbia, Spain, and Thailand.

In January of last year, the Cabinet approved a budget of 4.18 billion baht for hosting the 2028 Specialised Expo.