SATURDAY, February 24, 2024

Phuket expo 'could change the face of Thai tourism'

Phuket expo 'could change the face of Thai tourism'

Thailand can showcase that it has the potential to become a global aesthetic surgery destination by hosting the Specialised Expo in 2028, Deputy Public Health Minister Satit Pitutecha told a forum on Friday evening.

“Thailand can demonstrate its potential to become a sustainable medical hub, especially in aesthetic surgery, through this event,” Satit told the forum hosted by Than Setthakij news.

“We will invite major brands such as Thonburi and Yanhee hospitals to be the face of Thailand’s aesthetic surgery hub,” said Satit, who is also deputy leader of the Democrat Party.

The Public Health Ministry is a key agency in the campaign for Thailand to host the expo.

The campaign to host the expo is progressing as planned, with over 200 rai of land along Phuket’s shoreline prepared for model health centres, Satit said. They will also be used in the government’s plan to promote quality tourism in the island province, he added.

The expo will cover all aspects of the health industry, from research and development to staff training and standards for health institutes, as well as health service management for both Thais and tourists, Satit said.

Phuket expo 'could change the face of Thai tourism'

The government is fully supporting public-private partnership in the health industry, as well as providing tax breaks for importers of medical equipment to strengthen the supply chain in Thailand.

The government has a “substantial budget” to turn Thailand into the region’s medical hub, Satit said.

The Public Health Ministry has received a 900 million baht budget to participate in the World Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan to showcase Thailand’s potential as a medical destination, he said.

Thailand is among five countries lobbying to host the Specialised Expo 2028. The government plans to host the event in Phuket. Its theme is “Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity”.