Grab Food deliveryman’s hidden talents delight diners at Khon Kaen bakery


The video clip of a Grab Food deliveryman entertaining diners at a bakery in Khon Kaen went viral among netizens on Saturday.

The clip showed the delivery man playing the piano and singing a song while waiting for his order. The diners were delighted and responded to the musical interlude with loud applause. The man’s face, however, was not very visible because he never removed his helmet.

The bakery, “Pastella Studio”, posted the clip with a message thanking him for entertaining everybody.

“It was exciting to hear the piano, which has not been played for more than 25 years,” the post read.

It also invited other piano players to visit and have a go at the piano.

The post received 313 comments and more than 1,400 shares as of press time on Sunday. Some netizens said the delivery man must have been a musician before, while Thai popstar and pianist Saksit "Tor" Wetsuphaphon congratulated him for his performance. He also said that he will visit the bakery and have a go at the piano himself one day.

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