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“Same Same but Different” made it to the Prague Quadrennial 2019

Jun 19. 2019
Ureerat Chareontoh, ambassador of Thailand to Czech Republic (centre) poses for photos with Thai artists during the reception on June 6.
Ureerat Chareontoh, ambassador of Thailand to Czech Republic (centre) poses for photos with Thai artists during the reception on June 6.
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Thailand’s art exhibition “Same Same but Different” was shown in Prague Quadrennial (PQ) earlier this month, under the theme of “Imagination, Transformation and Memory”, marking the first time that Thailand as a country participates in this event.

The event was held between June 6-16 in Prague Quadrennial (PQ).

Ureerat Chareontoh, ambassador of Thailand to Czech Republic hosted a reception on June 6 to introduce the “Same Same but Different” and Nattaporn Thapparat, art curator, designers and PQ veteran, as well as Nikorn Sae Tang, Thai artist.

The reception was participated by ambassadors, media, curators as well as artists from around the world.

Ureerat mentioned that she was excited for the PQ this year as it is the first time that Thailand, as a country, participated in this important art scene of the Czech Republic and probably in Europe as well.

“Same Same but Different” is also Thai common phrase reflecting how Thais see things in life as they can be the same yet different in some way. 

Nattaporn said that this project focused on life matter by communicating Thai people’s attitude towards society, art, culture and belief through the eyes of theater practitioners, artists and designers together with community, interpreting matters in everyday life into an art form. The shared space installation was inspired by the community’s washing lines where identity of each member is composed and visible. 

The reception, attended by more than 50 guests, was followed by the interactive presentation at the exhibition area, where Nikorn Sae Tang, a performing artist, director and play writer and founder of the Theater 8x8, created a scene of doing laundry by hands in a probably shared space, a quite common scene in Bangkok and other provinces in the country.

The exhibition itself also reflected a shared space among artists and designers. Back of 500 T-shirts were used as canvas to showcase various art forms, including theater and design.

Prague Quadrennial was established in 1967 to bring the best of Performance Design, Scenography and Theater Architecture to the front line of cultural activities to be experienced by both professionals and general public. The PQ is held in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic once every four years. 

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